The A22 Network is a group of connected projects engaged in a mad dash to try and save humanity

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A22 Network Declaration on the Crisis

April 2022

We are the Last Generation of the old world. We are here today to say we will create a new world – where humanity embraces itself, forgives itself, loves itself and commits to continue our great adventure.

As the Last Generation, we will do whatever it takes to protect our generation and all future generations. As is our inalienable right.

The old world is dying. We are in the last hour, the darkest hour. This world is being decimated before our eyes. We are in between moments. What we do now decides the fate of both this world and the next.

So we decide. We decide, we are no longer indulging in our fears, our despair, our resentments. We are putting ourselves behind us. 

Together, in community, we are taking hold of a higher purpose. The source of what it is to be truly human. It calls to us across the ages, and with its power we will bring down those who kill to maintain their regimes of extraction. This is the old world. It cannot continue.  

We are here to make clear: humanity is better than to give in to extinction. We are here to say society has not turned away from love and truth; it has not embraced evil and death. The world we desire, the one we can have, is already in reach. But we have to reach for it.

But we are not here to highlight, plead or to entertain.

We are here to reach for the change that is required for this to happen. We are here to force governments to slash carbon emissions, nothing less. We are here for action, not words. We have a plan.

We are mobilising in our many nations and many cultures. Teams will run projects. Projects will make demands on governments. We are reaching out to anyone who will reach back and join hands to create this new world. If we are refused we will disrupt, week after week, as those who came before us did many times in the struggle for human rights. 

We speak directly to the public, and recruit in hundreds of open meetings. 

We commit to mass civil disobedience.

This is our solemn responsibility. Sacred rights require a sacred duty to defend them. And until everyone is free, none of us are free. Only then will justice be done. We will not fall into the trap of hating the other – the other is part of all of us. Our hands do not hold weapons and our hearts are open.

We are humanity, believing in humanity. We are Democracy.

We are open and nonviolent. We are Care and we are Freedom. We will accept the consequences of our actions and look our destiny directly in the eye. 

Bring it on. While there remains breath in our bodies we will not stop. This is our life now.

We are the Last Generation. But we are also the First. We are everywhere. We are coming. 

Everything will change. The old becomes the new. And everyone can change.

A22 Network

We are the Last Generation. We will do whatever it takes. To protect our generation and all future generations. As is our inalienable right.

Climate Emergency Fund is the primary funder of the A22 Network, and our 11 member project's recruitment, training, and capacity building.